College students ‘targeted’ during incident with gun at FL apartment complex

In the video, the man shows the students what he says is his key while holding a gun in his other hand. (Source: Twitter/WTXL)

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) – An incident at a Tallahassee apartment complex is getting a lot of attention on social media. A two-minute video shows a confrontation near an elevator, during which a man reveals he has a gun.

The video has been seen about 300,000 times on Twitter. In it, a man can be seen holding a gun as he blocks a group of college students from taking the elevator.

"He targeted us, and we didn’t know he had a gun," said Isaiah Butterfield, a Florida A&M University student.

Butterfield said he and his three friends from FAMU were at Stadium Centre Apartments early Saturday morning to see a friend who just moved in. The students told us a man approached them to tell them they weren’t getting on the elevator he was taking.

"It’s student housing, so I’m like, ‘Sir, do you have a key? ‘Cause you’re kinda older than us. We’re college students. We’re 20, 21. We’re students, and you look like you’re in your mid-40s,’" said Stephen Brooks, one of the FAMU students.

When the man shows them what he says is his key, he has a gun in his other hand.

"You never know in today’s day what could happen, you know?" said Joshua Cosby, another one of the FAMU students. "We could’ve ended up being the next Trayvon Martin."

One student said he’s glad his mother taught him what to do when something like this happens.

"She told me not to turn around, not to run away. Don’t make no sudden movements," said Fitzroy Rhoden. "Try to talk about it. Try to deescalate the situation."

So, who’s the man in the video holding the gun? Several people on social media say his name is Don Crandall, and he’s the manager of this hotel.

Crandall said over the phone he hasn’t seen the video, and he’s not saying anything else, including whether or not he was at the complex at the time of the incident.

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