DIY-ers are thrilled about AR Workshop Tallahassee

You can choose projects such as: wood frames and signs, lazy susans, pillows, and more.

AR Workshop Tallahassee prepares the material ahead of time. You just need to register online and pick your project design.

“We’re constantly keeping on with the trend of home decor, home design, and we’re going to continue to do that. As the trends change, we’ll change,” said Marsha Shalley, Owner of AR Workshop Tallahassee. “Right now, this is kind of the look everybody is into and the great thing is you can really make it any kind of look you want. It can be more farmhouse chic or it can be more classy and modern.”

The DIY trend continues growing in popularity.

Shalley says, people love the idea of getting your hands a little dirty to make something beautiful.

You can have private parties or just reserve a table for a creative night out. Each person makes a completely different project, designs it to fit their style, and proudly takes it home with them.

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