Smith, Charles Philip

Today would have been Philip’s Birthday. Charles Philip Smith ended his life in July 2018. He was 34 years old. Philip was survived by his parents: Bob (now deceased) and Connie Smith of Marianna, FL; and his siblings Sarah Wood and Andrew Smith. He was born in Virginia, raised in Marianna, FL, and lived most of his adult life in Tallahassee, FL. He attended school in Marianna from kindergarten through graduation, and then went on to complete his AA degree at Chipola Junior College. Philip lived with debilitating pain and physical decline for 13 years due to an infection that caused joint damage throughout his body. He had multiple hip surgeries and a hip replacement. He had discs fused in his back, and he was in need of additional back surgeries. He was wheelchair bound twice for significant amounts of time. Philip took pain medication when he was hurting, but stopped taking it when it was not medically necessary. He was a pain patient, not an addict. In the end, Philip was overwhelmed by the difficulty of trying to navigate the government systems for the disabled, being shuffled between doctors, and specifically the enactment of new Florida laws that restricted his access to medically necessary painkillers. The War on Opioids is failing to accommodate patients that are in need of life-saving pain medications. Philip was a songwriter and enjoyed playing guitar. He was a talented painter. He loved tinkering with and repairing computers. He wrote a couple of unpublished books and kept many journals. He was an avid video gamer. His Memorial Service was held on July 22 at First Baptist Church of Marianna. He will be interred at Pinecrest Memorial Gardens in Marianna. Philip was special and we can’t believe he is no longer with us. We want to raise awareness of the mental and physical needs of disabled people, and the flawed legislation that limits their access to adequate care. Every life has value. Every person is more than their brokenness. The family has set up a memorial fund with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please contact:

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